Local Website Gives Back to the Community

By Bert Henderson, APR

 “This web site supports local business while giving back to the community,” said Beth Johns, MBA, and CEO of Performance Marketing when she discussed the web site CitrusCountyFl.com with the Nature Coast FPRA Chapter. The website developed from conversations with local opinion leaders for an electronic site whose mission is to support local business interactively with relative information.

DSC_0061To give those in attendance a taste of the design and flexibility of CitrusCountyFl.com Beth demonstrated the website with a mobile device. She discussed with the membership what is available on the website like a business directory, events calendar, classified ads, banners, coupons, a Citrus County Evacuation Route, the ability of the site to be used for fund raising, a garage sale finder, and much more. There is also an electronic mall and a $300 Enterprise listing is available free for a short period of time.

 If you’re not an FPRA member and you need assistance as a PR professional with your public relations needs consider membership in this prestigious organization. During meetings there is time allotted for networking where discussions take place among PR professionals providing industry tips and support for one another. That’s the time where those with less experience have an opportunity to gain knowledge from the more seasoned professionals about communications plans, media contacts, and how to make businesses more successful.

During the lunch portion of the meeting FPRA and industry professionals like Beth from around Florida provide advanced quality educational programming for the membership. Subject matter can include: business and marketing communications, crisis communications, public relations ethics, emergency communications planning, or successful media strategy and communications. These kinds of education programs would cost serious dollars in this economy, but are available to the membership for the price of the luncheon.

For more information about FPRA meetings and the local Nature Coast Chapter contact: Katie Mehl, APR, FPRA Nature Coast Chapter president, (352) 344-6501 or email kmehl@citrusmh.org.


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