“Measuring Social Media Results” topic of January lunch

Join us Friday January 3, 2014 to listen to CEO and Chief Idea Generator, Ken Knorr. Ken  is the founder and CEO of TH@T! Company and its brands, including THAT! Advertising Agency, SEOCompany.com (ranked #1 in the world for SEO company),   PPCManagement.com  and CallTraxPlus.com. Ken believes that his companies should offer clients the best marketing services available, period, and doesn’t accept anything less. He insists on measuring client successes, and believes that team members should be held accountable for their clients’ performance. He provides his team members with the training and tools they need to make this happen every minute of every day.

During his career, he has held the following titles:  CEO, Computer Dood, IT Manager, Director of IT, Director of Communications, and Vice President of Operations. His mission is to build great companies, provide great incomes to great people, and help his community. This mission helps insure his clients achieve their business goals. His local community honored him with the 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year award. He also comes up with really cool, really big ideas. He is certified in MCT, MCP, MCSE and Google Adwords. He lives by the mantra of ” Leadership is Action, not Position.” Ken is why THAT! Advertising Agency is filled with happy people and happy customers.

Our meeting is held at Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club, with networking starting at 11:30.   Lunch is $15 for members and $18 for non-members.  For reservations call Katie Mehl, APR at 352-344-6501.


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