March Professional Development Luncheon

Digital is the cornerstone of public relations in every business. Digital marketing and PR both demand high quality and relevant content, so it’s time for the two disciplines to join creative forces. Come join our professional development luncheon on Friday, March 3rd featuring members of the Sparxoo team from Tampa to learn key concepts for your information to bubble to the top of Google searches and the like.
– Simplify Press Releases
– Add Value with Content
– Build Influence Relationships

Join the Nature Coast FPRA Chapter for a digital revolution with one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Florida – Sparxoo. On Friday, March 3rd, starting at 11:30 a.m., we will explore how content has revolutionized the digital landscape. We’ll chat about the content of yesteryear (circa 1999), content today, and wrap up with an interactive content throwdown. (There might be prizes!!)
Is your news release SEO (search engine optimization…how people find things on Google) friendly? Does your brochure content translate to the web content? Sparxoo is the “Google” office of Tampa Bay, and you don’t want to miss this!

adriennemorgan_sparxoo    Adrienne Morgan: As Vice President of Strategic Growth my primary responsibility is to enable and accelerate business growth. I am responsible for developing and executing marketing and business strategy for Sparxoo and our clients. I craft the go-to market strategy that is designed to drive optimal performance centered on audience needs and organizational goals. To do so, I focus on the fundamentals of digital communications, including technology stacks, user research, content strategy, digital media and brand experience.

As the first employee at Sparxoo, I nurture our fast-growing team of digital marketers and manage the business development process, including our Growth Team.


emily-culclasure    Emily Culclasure is a content marketing czar at Sparxoo, where she leads content strategy and content creation for clients ranging from mid-market organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Before Sparxoo, she was a digital analyst at a global digital marketing agency and specialized in offsite SEO campaigns, SEO strategy, and content campaigns.



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