FPRA is the oldest public relations association in the United States. It was founded in 1938 by John W Dillin, publicity director of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. Executive meetings were held throughout the year and in several locations in the state prior to the first annual meeting in St. Augustine where Dillin had moved to take over a chamber of commerce management.

The assembly drew representatives of attractions, chambers of commerce, newspaper and radio stations, advertising and display executives. The organization grew steadily until World War II when many members enlisted and were in service until 1946.

Although it took time to refresh its activities, the association began to grow again. Chapters were formed throughout the state. Today, there are also student chapters at Florida State University , University of Central Florida, Rollins College, Bethune-Cookman college, Stetson University, Florida Southern College, Florida Tech, University of West Florida, as well as a student chapter in Jacksonville.

The Nature Coast Chapter of FPRA  was founded June 21, 1988.

Former Presidents: Nature Coast Chapter
(note: year given is the latter part of term; i.e., 1989 is actually 1988-89 term)

2017 Amy McLaughlin, APR, CPRC
2016 Mathew Baillargeon
2015 Mathew Baillargeon
2014 Katie Mehl, APR
2013 Katie Mehl, APR
2012 Lanse Fero
2011 Amy Kingery
2010 Heather Yates
2009 Amy Kingery
2008 Carla Groleau
2007 Jessica Sanderson/Lambert
2006 Jim Ehlers
2005 Jim Ehlers
2002-2004 Chapter Disbanded
2002 Ronda Hemminger Evan
2001 Joe Foster
2000 Maria Kretschmar
1999 Nina Mattei, APR
1998 Robin Kocher
1997 Megan Carella
1996 Bert Henderson, APR
Chapter name changed from “Citrus County Chapter” to Nature Coast Chapter
1995 Melissa Walker
1994 Dorothy Pernu, APR
1993 Dorothy Pernu, APR
1992 Roy Taylor
1991 Bert Henderson, APR
1990 Linda Miller
1989 Kevin Hudson


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